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“Our Anti-Bullying Mission is to accept, be kind and respect one another. Let others see your IGYB band and know that they can count on you to have their back. Be a voice for those who need one, and for those who are no longer here.” – Hannah, founder of IGYB

As Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


IGYB was started in 2017 by Hannah, a NH Middle School student at age 13. Today IGYB enlists ambassadors to participate in our movement with a faculty sponsor in schools, groups, teams, & organizations while building up school community skills and activities. The goal of the IGYB Board of Directors is to preserve the founding principal of “for the students by the students” way of operating.

The IGYB movement has quickly grown and has been shared in half the country and more than 5 countries and is endorsed by:

  • Governor Sununu who honored IGYB with a Proclamation declaring October NH Bullying Prevention Month.
  • US Senator Maggie Hassan who awarded a Congressional Award to Hannah in 2018 for starting IGYB.
  • Manchester NH Mayor Joyce Craig
  • Scarlett Lewis of the “Choose Love Movement”
  • NH Department of Education