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Hannah G


Our Founder, Hannah G. is a student at Bedford High School in NH. She started IGYB because she experienced and witnessed bullying and wanted to prevent others from feeling like she did when she was in middle school. She said  “ If I could change just one person’s life it is all worth it, and it’s so much more than that now.” 

Hannah knew when she began this initiative that she did not want to be the only face and voice of IGYB and put into place the ambassador program to enlist others to join her mission. Today she works with ambassadors all over the world helping her to “be a voice for those who need one.”  

In her free time she enjoys Figure Skating and being a part of her Synchronized Skating Team “Simply In Sync”, playing and coaching golf, and being with her horse, Miss Bay. Hannah represents her school on Colorguard and plays Soprano Sax in concert band. She loves animals and feels their unconditional love helps her to be a better person. 

She also studies ASL (American Sign Language) and hopes to incorporate this into her career path. Hannah’s wish is that IGYB will help bring people together wherever it is shared so they can accept and appreciate each other despite their differences.