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Jennifer Tsang

Jen Tsang joined IGYB Board of Directors in September 2018 and serves as Secretary. Jen has more than 20 years of sales and sales training experience. Currently, she works for Salesforce, a company that believes that businesses can be a platform for change. Through her network of volunteer enthusiasts, Jen was able to work with her colleagues at Salesforce to launch the IGYB Kindness website.

Through her community outreach, Jen has worked with many New Hampshire communities, including the Manchester School District, the Granite YMCA, High Hopes Foundation of NH, the Boys and Girls Club, and more. Along with other ambassadors of IGYB, Jen is working to bring the foundation to as many communities as possible.

Jen’s favorite activity is being a mom to her 11 year old daughter who is an avid figure skater, skier, and flutist.